DetExploit is vulnerability scanner for Windows platform. DetExploit will scan entire system, and checks for any vulnerable software installed on system. It also detects not-installed Windows Update packages.

DetExploit is really easy to use. You can just download latest DetExploit binary (now in develepment, wait a moment). And… done! You’re ready to scan. Entire source code is available through detexploit/DetExploit, so just quickly check it out!



Quick Start

Download latest version of GUI DetExploit execution binary from Releases page.

Easiest way to run is shown below (Do not forget to unzip the downloaded file).

# Execute DetExploit
C:\path\to>cd DetExploit_ReleaseYYYYMMDD


DetExploit is using Windows API and built-in library, to avoid installation of any dependencies. So do not worry about it!!

Comparison with other scanner

Scanner # of database Supported OS Cost Easy to use Accuracy
DetExploit 5 Windows $0
MyJVN Version Checker for .NET 0 Windows $0 ×
McAfee Vulnerability Scanner 0 Windows 5980yen/year ×


Please ask me any question through, so I can check it as fast as possible. You can also join our official slack workspace, so it will be more easier for me to answer.


GPLv3 License


moppoi5168 (Twitter / GitHub)